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Achievement Mentoring Scheme

Peer-to-peer mentoring for students to share tips and advice

5th October 2021

The Achievement Mentoring Scheme is a project run by the student achievement team at Solent, which recognises the importance of peer-to-peer support at university.

Achievement mentoring gives you access to fellow students who have undertaken extensive training to mentor and share their tips and advice on life at Solent with you, in a positive and safe space.

If you’re new to the University, you’re returning to Solent following a break or you’re simply looking to improve your experience and academic success this year, we’re certain that you will benefit from this additional source of regular support and opportunity to connect with your peers.

Achievement mentors can answer, or help you to find the answers to, general academic and non-academic queries or concerns, including:

  • your questions about the University in general
  • providing you with opportunities to get to know other students at Solent
  • giving insider tips on how to keep motivated, manage your time and get the most out of your studies
  • providing a student’s perspective on what there is to do at Solent/in Southampton and how to enjoy being a Solent University student
  • guiding you on how to use the various IT platforms used at Solent
  • giving you a student’s guide to what to expect from your studies, and tips on key study skills such as note-taking, referencing, using the library and how to approach coursework and exams
  • advising on the support you can access – everything from wellbeing support to careers advice
  • answering the questions you really want to put to a fellow student as opposed to a member of staff, getting a student’s perspective
  • develop self-reflection, social, problem solving, goal setting and communication skills

You and your mentor will work independently and take ownership of your mentoring journey by working out a schedule that suits you – this can include 1:1 meetings, group mentoring, or both!

If you are interested in signing up to the Achievement Mentoring Scheme this year, please complete your application by using the QR code below:

QR code for mentoring scheme application

If you have any queries, please contact the student achievement team via