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A joint student commitment for Covid-19

Protecting myself, protecting others, protecting the community

14th September 2020

We are looking forward to seeing our students on campus. To ensure the safety of our staff, students and the wider community during Covid-19, Solent has released a joint commitment with the University of Southampton:

A joint commitment by students from UoS and Solent University

Please make sure you have read the commitment and that you understand your responsibility. We ask that all students adhere to this commitment to protect themselves and their fellow students, as well as helping to keep our universities open during this difficult time.

The student charter, which all students agree to during enrolment, has been updated to reflect this commitment during Covid-19. You can view the full student charter here >

As you will have seen in the media, the government has changed the rules around socialising and large gatherings and they have particularly focussed on universities, so we do all need to take this very seriously. If students are found to breach this commitment, we may be forced to invoke university disciplinary procedures. Further offences may also lead to involvement from the police and a criminal record.

If you have any queries about the measures we have in place on campus, please take a look at the Covid-19 FAQs on our website. You can also find the latest government guidance here.