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A new line-up of student leaders at Solent Students’ Union

Meet our new Sabbatical Officers

11th August 2020

As the new academic year approaches, a new team of Sabbatical Officers have started their time in office at the Solent Students’ Union.

As leaders of the Students’ Union, they play an important role for students at Solent, providing a student voice in university decision making and ensuring that the needs of students are always at the forefront of the work of the SU.

This year’s cohort were voted in by the student body in March and have spent July on virtual inductions into the team but look forward to being in the SU office soon.


SU President – Vaios Koukouletsos

Head of Student Education – Ciprian Chiru

Head of Student Engagement – Fern Anyan

Head of Student Wellbeing – Teodor Mitsev

new sabbs 20-21

You can find out more about our new Sabbatical team and their manifestos on the SU's website.

There has been further change with the reintroduction of an SU President in place of Head of Student Voice. This has been voted in by the Trustee Board and is a change that we hope will benefit students by creating an even more effective team.

The new Sabbs have already hit the ground running with Virtual Hangout Sessions for those looking to join Solent in September and have plenty more ideas up their sleeves.

We’re looking forward to supporting them this year!

If you want to contact any of the Sabbatical Officers, please feel free to drop them an email:

Vaios -

Ciprian -

Fern -

Teodor -