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Lifting of Covid rules on Monday 19 July

We’d like to update you on the University’s plans for the lifting of Covid rules, in line with Government guidance

14th July 2021

On Monday the Government confirmed the relaxation of many of the Covid rules from Monday 19 July. We’d like to update you on how the University will be moving forward from this date.

Firstly, we will be relaxing the two-metre social distancing rule on campus which permits the sharing of spaces and equipment, although restrictions in lifts will remain for the foreseeable future. All signage around the University will be updated in line with the revised restrictions, so please adhere to them.

We will continue with our ventilation strategy to provide fresh air within the buildings and monitor levels of carbon dioxide, retain protective screens at key reception points, and continue our enhanced cleaning services at touchpoints on campus and in residences. Hand sanitisation facilities will remain available at building entrance/exit points. We will also be gradually reintroducing soft seating across the campus.

Although not mandatory, to protect all those on campus from the continued threat of transmission, the wearing of a face covering on campus is strongly encouraged - as is maintaining good hand and respiratory hygiene at all times. As with all guidance, we trust our staff and students to take personal responsibility for their health, safety and wellbeing, as well as that of others.

The University continues to support the NHS Track and Trace initiative, and we encourage people coming on to campus to register using the QR codes. All buildings will continue to be under access control throughout the summer, so please remember to bring your staff or student card if you’re visiting campus.

All activities on campus should be subject to an activity-based risk assessment, which should be managed at a department level. Please email if you require support with the risk assessment.

Covid-19 testing

Staff and students coming onto campus, and students residing at their term-time address, must still test twice-weekly for Covid-19, and register their test result on the website. Test kits will continue to be available from the Spark reception until Friday 10 September.

Please also remember to let us know if you have recently tested positive for Covid-19, even if you’re not attending campus. Staff can inform their manager or business partner and students should email

You can find out more about testing on our website >

Also, if you have not yet had your Covid-19 vaccination, we strongly encourage you to do so.

The University will continue to follow national and local guidelines as they evolve over the summer period. Cases are currently still on the increase, and we are in weekly contact with the local Health Protection Board and other agencies that are actively monitor the situation.

More guidance will be issued ahead of the new academic year, so please keep an eye on the portal for updated information.

If you have any queries in the meantime, please speak to your manager or email