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Make sure your university account is ready for the summer

To enable you to access the resources you need over the summer break, it is important to prepare your account

25th June 2024

All students and staff will need to use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) when logging into Solent resources away from campus. 

Set up your security information to recover your password 

This will enable you to reset your password at any time using an online system. 

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Make sure you have multiple MFA methods registered

The Microsoft Authenticator app is the preferred method of authentication and should be set up by everybody. You can install the app on up to five devices and once set up, the app can be used without internet/mobile signal and overseas. 

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Important to note:

  • If travelling overseas, you must make sure the app is set up and working before you go. Many mobile contracts will not allow you to use the telephone service in a different country.
  • You can change your MFA options and add a second authentication method, like a different device or telephone, in case your device fails or is lost. You can also add an alternative international telephone number.
  • If you are looking at changing your phone or device, please set up another method of authentication before migrating to the new device.

To update or change your MFA options, log in to 'My Account' and edit 'Security info'.

Access your university emails and files via Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft365 

Current staff and students can access all their files and Microsoft Teams via the web at or you can download Microsoft365 for free.

You can access your university email directly via the Outlook mobile app, Outlook web app, or the MySolent app (for students).

Be aware of malicious emails targeting staff and students over the summer break. These emails can take a variety of formats and can include links to malicious websites which try to trick you into entering your credentials or attachments which will perform the same function when opened. 

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Migration to Windows 11

To enhance the Solent experience for our staff and students, we will be migrating to Windows 11 this summer. Teaching, classroom and student desktop PCs will be rebuilt with Windows 11 throughout July and August, to help improve our efficiency, security and to enable us to access the latest tools. More information will be shared soon.


If you have any questions, please contact the below team:

  • For students, please complete our help form.
  • For staff, please log a ticket with Unity

Happy summer break from Learning Technologies and the ICT Service Desk.