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Students' Union Sabbatical Officers for 22/23

Meet your new student officers for this year

14th October 2022

Meet your new team of Sabbatical Officers who have started their time in office at our Students’ Union, ready to represent all students for the new academic year.

Each year, elections are held for the four sabbatical officer positions at the SU. The four sabbatical positions (President, Head of Student Education, Head of Student Engagement and Head of Student Wellbeing) are full-time roles that are dedicated to help deliver the positive student experience that we are so passionate about.

You can find out more about the new Sabbatical team and their manifestos by visiting the SU's website >

This year’s cohort were voted in by the student body in March 2022 and have several campaigns, events, and ideas up their sleeves, and we cannot wait to get involved to support them!

The new Sabbatical Officers are:

  • SU President - Winston Alla
  • Head of Student Education - Stefania David
  • Head of Student Engagement - Catherine Eager
  • Head of Student Wellbeing - Steph Stangroom

The new Sabbs have already hit the ground running by taking part in an induction process that helps them to develop and evolve their campaigns and ideas, with the support of the SU team, to give our students a voice for change during their time in higher education.

Students will have the chance to meet the team during welcome week in September and during various other events throughout the year, but if you want to contact any of the Sabbatical Officers in the meantime, please feel free to drop them an email:

To keep up with Students’ Union, give them a follow on social media - @SolentSU on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.