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Solent Creatives

What we do

Located in JM021 (opposite the media hatch) and staffed by a team of practicing freelancers and business owners, Solent Creatives offers students a wide range of freelance and business start-up support. With a huge range of links with industry clients, including Carnival Plc, Southampton FC, B&Q and the NHS, the agency provides students with freelance work in a range of disciplines so they can gain valuable experience while expanding their portfolio, solving the increasing problem graduates find when leaving education - having too little real-world experience. 

We understand student life can be stressful at times. When you’re trying to balance university, a job, seeing your friends and, on top of all this, you need the invaluable work experience outside of university. It can be a lot. That’s why we’re here to make life easier for you. We bring the clients straight to your inbox, and help organise the price and the project. All you need to do is apply! 

We aim to bridge the gap between education and the working world in the creative industries. We have built an enviable reputation as the UK’s number one student creative agency. As a result, we have a database of over 1,400 clients, and over 3,600 students have registered with us, earning over £210,000 between them. 

Find and apply for a job

Whatever course you are on, you can apply for a job with us. Offer your skills as freelancers, and you will be skills-matched to real-world projects for our valued client base. 

What else can we offer you?

Start-up funding 

As well as supporting freelancers to find opportunities, we also support start-ups. If you’ve got a business idea you want advice on, or you’re looking for funding, we can help. We host pitching days where you can present your idea to a panel and potentially receive up to £3,000 in funding and support. 


Come along to one of our workshops; they range from business and marketing to computer skills. You can sign up to any of the free training days listed in the events section.

Creative business programmes 

We also support students getting invaluable real-world experience at international competitions and events. This is why we are funding just 10 students to attend the European Innovation Academy, a three-week innovation and business start-up programme in Portugal. Sound good? Find out more information and apply for your chance to be in Portugal next summer. 

Take a look at our students' work

The Solent Creatives blog showcases some of the projects our students have worked on, including event photography, music videos, promotional videos, adverts, and more!

Follow our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn pages for more news about exciting projects we're working on!


Are all opportunities paid?

We always aim to provide paid opportunities and would have some budget attached to them. The 10th project normally is unpaid because it is a great cause or a not-for-profit organisation we haven’t worked with before and we'd like to have them as part of our portfolio. 

Can students work together? Is shadowing an option?

Yes. And Yes.

We review individual applications and assess people's suitability to ensure the best outcome of the project. If students are particularly keen on working with a friend or classmate, we can try to arrange this.

Shadowing is an option for students who are keen to get involved and get their confidence up to speed, so they can work on projects individually down the line. We strongly encourage this as we are always keen to help more students develop their potential. 

Do students need experience or a portfolio to get involved with Solent Creatives?

Having a portfolio or experience isn't essential but preferable as this allows us to match the talent to a suitable opportunity.

If a student has very little creative history, we can get them to shadow a slightly more experienced student - this means they can learn from somebody else and bond with somebody new. This also will help them build that important portfolio and hopefully land a solo job in the future! 

Do students need to have their own equipment?

Not at all. Students would normally loan the gear needed for a specific project from the media hatch. However, students who already have their own equipment and would prefer to use this to work on the assignment are able to do so. This is entirely up to them. 

How do students get paid for the work they've done?

There are two options:

  1. Get paid through Campus Jobs via payroll. This is mainly on internal jobs or clients that have registered with Solent University as suppliers.
  2. Direct to the student upon receipt of an invoice - which is our most common way.

Either way, do not worry. We can help with this. 

What are your project rates?

Internal jobs will be adjusted according to the Campus Jobs rates at £11.40 per hour.

External jobs will be charged at £10.00 per hour.

Note that some services aren't offered at a half-day rate (filming, etc). 

Where can we get forms for non-disclosure agreements (NDA), intellectual property (IP) and other handy documents?

You can get these forms, and more, from the resources section on our website

Contact us

We're always here to help and answer any questions you may have, so feel free to pop into our office, give us a call, or email us using the following contact details: 

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