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Working for campus jobs

The importance of work experience during university

Campus Jobs is the University's recruitment service for student opportunities on campus. Students who work for Campus Jobs are employed by Solent University Services Ltd for Campus Jobs.

Applying for jobs 

Current Campus Jobs opportunities

If no jobs are showing, you can set up a job alert on Solent Futures Online (find out how by watching this video) and you will be notified when a new campus job is advertised.

Applying for a campus job requires the same care you should give to any job application. Read the advertisement carefully and provide all the information requested. Don't forget to provide contact details. You might want to use the CV 360 tool on Solent Futures Online to check your CV is ready to be submitted before applying for a campus job.

You can access further support on CVs and applications here.

Depending on the role, you may be contacted to be interviewed for the role. We advise you practice using Interview360 on Solent Futures Online to help you prepare.

If you are an international student, you may have restrictions on how many hours you can work. Check out our page that covers general issues on visas and working in the UK. 

"I expected to work a few open days and the Freshers' Fayre but this role has enabled me to access a variety of opportunities including filming promotional content for Solent, being a panel member during live Q&As, and writing blogs for the Solent website."  Zoe, 2nd year student

Frequently asked questions

I have been appointed to a Campus Jobs role, how do I get paid?

Step 1 – Register with Payroll here 

Step 2 – Claim your hours using the VT system 

Download the VTS claimant user guide

Step 3 - Meet payroll deadlines to ensure you are paid on time

2024 payroll deadlines

MonthClaims submission deadlinePay date
January15 January31 January
February13 February29 February
March12 March28 March
April12 April30 April
May14 May31 May
June12 June28 June
July15 July31 July
August13 August30 August
September12 September30 September
October15 October31 October
November13 November29 November
December5 December31 December

Where do I access my payslip?

Your payslip can be accessed via your MyView system. 

I have a query over the amount I have been paid - who do I contact?

I was sick for the days I was due to work – will I still get paid?

You are not entitled to company sick pay but you may be entitled to statutory sick pay dependant on your previous earnings at the University.

To be eligible for statutory sick pay (SSP) you must be sick for four calendar days or more and have average weekly earnings of £123 (before tax) in the two pay periods prior to your period of sickness. If eligible, you will receive £16.68 SSP per day from day four of your sickness (£116.75 per week). For further details please contact a member of the payroll team.


In order to determine this, you must enter details of your sickness on MyView, for all CALENDAR days you were absent. If you are sick for more than seven calendar days you must obtain a fit note from you GP. Please contact your line manager for instruction on how to send this securely and confidentially to the payroll department at Solent.

Do I get holiday pay?

I need to take some holiday, how do I do this?

Please liaise with your Manager to let them know when you will be unable to work in your Campus Jobs role. Please note you are not paid to work for Campus Jobs if you are on holiday. You do not need to log this anywhere and you should not claim hours on VT if you are on leave.

You accrue holiday in your post and this is paid in the December, April and July pay.

Who can work for Campus Jobs

  1. Candidates must be current students who are based at the Southampton campus. Students who have suspended their studies are not eligible.
  2. Final year students are able to register for Campus Jobs. However, all final year students (undergraduate or postgraduate students) must finish their Campus Job role within 3 months of their course finishing as they are no longer a student of the University. Students who are not already working in a campus job cannot apply for a Campus Job if they would be starting the role after their course finishes and if the duration of the role would extend past the 3 month deadline.
  3. If they are a Masters’ student they are able to work for Campus Jobs until the end of the November when their course finishes.
  4. Students on apprenticeship courses are eligible to work for Campus Jobs.
  5. If they are a member of Solent University staff but also studying at the University they are not eligible to work for Campus Jobs.
  6. If they work for Solent Students’ Union and are studying alongside their job they are eligible to work as a Campus Job student.
  7. Students on student visas have a restricted number of hours they can work. 

I would like a reference for the work that I did for Campus Jobs

Please email who will be able to provide your employer with the dates that you worked. You may want to ask your supervisor if they will write you a reference for your LinkedIn profile after you have completed your Campus Jobs role. 


The Government's auto-enrolment pension scheme will affect some Campus Jobs workers. Read this information from the University Finance Service for more information about pensions and auto-enrolment.

More information about student pensions

Campus Jobs documentation

When you have been appointed to a Campus Jobs role, your line manager will provide you (via email) with documents relating to your role, which will include an offer letter and a link to the Campus Jobs terms and conditions. A reference copy of the terms and conditions will be available to Campus Jobs workers on My View. You can also download a copy here.

Privacy notice

Please refer to the Campus Jobs privacy notice for information about how, what and why we hold your data in relation to Campus Jobs.

Any questions?