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2021/22 course timetables

Student timetables

The timetabling and rooming (TAR) team oversees the timetabling and allocation of rooms for the University. 

CMISGo timetabling application

CMISGo is Solent University's timetabling application which allows staff and students to view their academic teaching timetables via the timetabling application. CMISGo is user-friendly and is designed to be accessed either using the full desktop application or via an iCal feed, on a preferred device. 

Find out more about how to view and interpret your timetable

Student timetables can also be accessed using the MyDay app.

For enquiries regarding your individual timetable, please read this page in the first instance. For any other queries, please contact:

For students studying at East Park Terrace (EPT)
Please use the query form and send it to the email address below. (For enquiries about course timetables, please wait until 1 August. Please note that individual student timetables will not be available until mid-September)
Tel: 023 8201 5024

Timetabling query form

For students studying at Warsash
Tel: 023 8201 5006

For any other queries, contact the Student Hub
Tel: 023 8201 2022

Viewing a course timetable in CMISGo

Please read the guide below for more information on viewing a course level timetable in CMISGo.

Viewing a course level timetable in CMISGo

Viewing an individual timetable 

Your individual timetable is available online and can be accessed via CMISGo, Solent’s timetabling application.

To access CMISGo, go to the Portal apps page and choose ‘Timetable’. You’ll then need to enter your Solent email address and network password. Your current week’s individual timetable will be displayed by default.

Your individual timetable shows you the teaching sessions you must attend. It should include your core and any optional units associated to the course year you’re studying on. Every effort is made to ensure a full and engaging timetable is achieved.

It does not permit you to select a particular seminar group that you may wish to attend.

You can choose to view your timetable or download your individual timetable to your preferred calendar through an iCal feed. Plus, text messages can be set up to notify students of late changes to teaching, such as class cancellations or room changes.

To set CMISGo up on your mobile phone/tablet, please refer to the ‘your timetable on your smartphone’ via the help function in CMISGo, which will give you a step by step guide.

Understanding your timetable

The name in the heading of the event is the module name, eg, Principles of Coaching.

In the grey body of the event, the details in order from top to bottom are:

  • Location
  • Module code
  • Class group
  • Module activity type
  • Lecturer name
  • Weeks

To find your room, note that all room codes are based on five digits, which is as follows:

  • First two characters are the building initials
  • First number is the floor number within the building
  • The last two numbers are the room number

For example:

  • HC105: first floor of the Herbert Collins building
  • RM415: fourth floor of the Reginald Mitchell building
  • SMX24: the X level of the Sir James Matthews building, room 24.

I don't have any events timetabled - what should I do?

First, check you have selected the right week. On the left hand side of the red bar, use the 'Previous', 'Next' and 'Go to date' to select the first week of teaching.

If you have selected the correct week, next check on Solent Online Learning (SOL) that you are registered on the correct units for your course.

If both of the above are correct, please report this to the Student Hub, who will look into this for you.

There are only lectures on my timetable - should there be seminars too?

This could mean you have not been student fitted to your seminar groups. Please complete a Timetabling query form and send it to the TAR team (

I have a clash on my timetable

If the week ranges are the same and both sessions are timetabled at the same time you will need to complete a Timetabling query form and send it to the TAR team (

Although every effort is made to ensure clashes do not occur, unfortunately sometimes they do. They often arise from unplanned or late changes and option changes.

Where possible, you will be moved into a different seminar group. However, this is not always possible and you may be asked to select another option

I have a timetable for a different course or year - what do I do?

This could be due to you transferring courses very late on.

Check the units for which you are registered on ‘Solent Online Learning’ and contact the student hub.

My language option is not on my timetable

Check Solent Online Learning (SOL) to ensure you have been registered on a language unit.

If you are not registered, please visit the team RM140 who deal with language options.

What do I do if I want to change my optional module?

You must make an application by completing a change option form You should then send your completed form to the TAR team (

Please note, requests to change options may only be submitted in the first two weeks of the teaching period.

The choice of modules available is restricted to those which are currently timetabled.

No changes to the published timetable can be considered to accommodate change requests.

Group sizes, room sizes, and teaching allocations are all considered when processing requests to change options.

The Registry/TAR team will aim to inform you of the decision regarding your request within three working days of receipt of a fully completed form and update your timetable accordingly. The decision will be sent to your Solent student email address.

The submission of a form signed by all parties should not be taken as a guarantee that the requested change(s) can occur and you should continue with your currently agreed option until such time as your change request is approved.

What seminar group am I in?

This can vary to ensure clash free individual timetables, but the information can be obtained via the course year timetables or by asking your course leader.

What do I do if I want to change seminar groups?

Requests to change seminar groups may only be submitted in the first two weeks of the teaching period and will be considered on a first come, first served basis. In order to request a seminar change, you must contact your course/level leader for authorisation. They will need to liaise with the timetabling team in order to get your timetable changed.

No changes to the published timetable can be considered to accommodate change requests.

Group sizes, room sizes and teaching allocations are all considered when processing requests to change seminar groups.

Confirmation of requested seminar changes will be sent to your Solent student email address within three working days of receipt of the request from your course/level leader. You must continue to attend your current seminar group until notified otherwise.

Why does my period 2 timetable look different to period 1?

Due to the delivery pattern of certain units which are delivered in one period only, it is necessary to optimise room utilisation whilst trying to achieve suitable timetables and hence your timetable may alter between each period.

I have a trailing module that is not on my timetable - what should I do?

Trailing modules are not timetabled on your individual timetable. Instead, you should use the timetabling app to view the module timetable, where trailing modules should show. 

Can I go to my friend's seminar group?

This is highly discouraged as the attendance monitoring system monitors your engagement against timetabled sessions on your individual timetable.

If you do attend your friend’s seminar group, you will be marked as absent. You will be contacted in regards to your absence and continued deviation from your individual timetable may lead you to be withdrawn from your course.

Technical issues

If you can’t log into CMISGo, please double-check your log in credentials, then call the ICT service desk at 023 8201 2345, or email

Mobile access to timetables

The iCalendar timetable feed provides personalised iCalendar (or iCal) timetables into third party applications, such as Google calendar and mobile handsets, such as iPhone.

The iCal feeds present a list of the student and staff teaching events from the timetable system.

The feeds are updated regularly, although there will be some time delay for any timetable changes. Normally this will be the same day, however please note that the refresh rate for each application varies, and amendments may take a few hours to update.

How do I get my personalised iCal feed?

You have access to a personalised timetable web address and, depending on the make of your smartphone, it's possible to access your timetable using your phone's calendar app or its browser. What you need to do will differ depending on which type of phone you have.

Why does it say 'Your iCalendar feed is not currently available'?

If you are not yet registered, or you do not have any appropriate teaching event associations, no iCal feed will be produced for you.

If you have a student timetable displayed in the Portal, but no iCal feed is produced after 24 hours, please contact with ‘iCalendar’ in the email subject.

Data protection

Remember: in principle, anyone could view a personalised calendar feed, eg, your parents could view your teaching timetable on their iPhone if you sent them the link. However, there is no identifying information within the iCal file.

How do I use my iCal timetable?

You can subscribe to your personalised calendar so your teaching timetable will be presented alongside your personal calendar in your calendar application. Here are instructions for some mainstream platforms.

Office 365 and Outlook

Cancelled and rescheduled classes

The University is committed to providing an excellent teaching and learning experience and believes the provision of face to face contact sessions (whether these are lectures, seminars, practicals etc) are fundamental to enabling students to benefit from their educational experience at Solent.

The University also recognises the importance of well publicised and stable timetables to the student experience.

Consequently, the University will endeavour to avoid cancelling or rescheduling classes where ever possible.

However, there are some circumstances where cancelled and rescheduled classes are unavoidable, eg, adverse weather conditions, sudden staff illness, major transport hold-ups, equipment failure and other unplanned and unpredicted events.

Cancelled classes

Where a member of staff, due to circumstances beyond their control, is unable to take a class at the scheduled time, the University will endeavour to:

  • Provide a face to face session with another member of staff on a topic relevant to the unit/course,
  • Where it is not possible to substitute a member of staff, the University will reschedule the class for another time and update the timetabling system to reflect the change, or
  • Where it is not possible to reschedule a class the missed learning opportunity will be covered by means of the provision of additional learning materials to ensure students are not disadvantaged.

By ‘cancelled class’ the University means the cancelling of scheduled teaching sessions which cannot take place at the scheduled time with a member of teaching staff and where the University only informs the students on the day of cancellation.

Students will be notified of cancelled classes between 8am and 1pm by SMS message. Timetables are updated regularly throughout the day.  It is the responsibility of students to check for changes to their timetables. Where a class is unavoidably cancelled, in addition to the SMS message a member of academic staff will be present at the beginning of the teaching session to inform students the session is cancelled and the reason for the late notification.

Rescheduled classes

Rescheduled classes are where scheduled sessions are moved to a different time/day/location, and where students are informed the day before at the latest.