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Your Solent account

Having issues logging in? Need to change your password? Find out what to do here

Securing my account

Cybercrime continues to rise and as a result it is increasingly important that your personal information and university data is protected.

To ensure your account is as secure as it can be, make sure you change your password as soon as you receive it, set up multi factor authentication (MFA) and your own self-service password reset information, so that you can get back into your account if you forget your password.

Below you will find information about securing your University account.

I know my password and want to change it

If you would like to change your password, and know what your current one is, please use Change password 

Set up your security information to recover your password

To add an alternative email to reset your password, go to and then select Security info > Add method > Email.  

I want to change my multi-factor authentication (MFA)

If you'd like to update your multi-factor authentication settings, go to our MFA Portal pages and look for 'Updating your MFA options'.

Your Solent user account is a key part of your studies - it allows you to access all the learning systems such as SOL, emails, printing and logging on to university machines.

Your email account

It is essential you check it regularly as important information regarding your course and activities will only be sent to your university email account and this is the main method of communication from your lecturers and other services at the University.

You can access your email at

Setting up your password

Follow our simple step-by-step process for setting up your password.

Step one: Visit the self service password change page

Click on the link below:

If you are already logged in to the University’s Microsoft Office 365 service, you will be taken directly to your ‘My Account’ webpage so please go to Step 4 below. If you are not already logged in to the University’s Microsoft Office 365 service, you will be asked to sign in to Microsoft first.

Step two: Sign into Microsoft

On the Microsoft sign in webpage please enter your University email address where it says 'Email address, phone number or Skype'.

Your University email address is in the format, for example

Once you have entered your University email address, use the button that says 'Next'.

If you have not set up your Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) options, it will ask you for take you through this process now, by saying More information required.

For more information about setting up your MFA, use our MFA page

Step three: Enter your current University password

Enter your current University password where it says 'Password' and then use the button that says 'Sign in'.

Step four: Change your password

Click on 'Change Password' link in the password box. 

Enter your old password, create a new password and confirm it. 

Please note: Your password will need to be a minimum of 10 characters.  

Step five: Password changed sucessfully

If your password change is accepted, you will see your Solent University Office 365 profile webpage.

Now use the 'Edit security info’ link on this webpage to add a personal email address.  Select 'Add method', then 'Email' and add an alternative personal email address. 

If you ever forget your password you will be able to create a new password using the personal email address registered with this service.

Can't log in or forgotten your password?

If you can't remember your password and want to reset it, use the password reset service on the link below:

Reset my password


  • Check - are you using the correct username or email address and password
  • Try both your Solent email address and your username when logging in.

Still can’t log in, contact the ICT Service Desk:

Call: 023 8201 2345 or raise a ticket on Unity


  • Are you using the right username and password – check your online enrolment instructions email, if you are not sure.
  • Try both your Solent email address and your username when logging in.

Still can’t log in? Please use our automated help system, Student help (click on Guest access) to help troubleshoot the issue.