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Wireless networks

Keeping our students, staff and guests connected

eduroam wireless network

eduroam is a secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.

eduroam allows students and staff from participating institutions to securely connect to the internet for free on their personal laptops or mobile devices, not only on their own campus but also when visiting other participating institutions providing a 'visited' service. 

eduroam provides two service types that each institution can support: ‘home’ and ‘visited.

  • The home service means you can authenticate and gain network access at your home organisation, and at other eduroam enabled organisations that have implemented the visited service
  • The visited service allows visitors from organisations that have implemented a home service to authenticate and gain network access.

Solent University provides both the home and visited services.

Solent students and staff will be able to access the Internet for free on their personal laptops and mobile devices on campus and from any other eduroam-participating institution in the UK and abroad that provides the visited service. When using eduroam you will only have access to University resources that are normally available via the internet.

University guests (for example, those attending a conference or an open day) can use eduroam if they are from an eduroam-participating institution in the UK and abroad that offers a home service. Otherwise, accounts will need to be requested for Solent's guest wifi network.

eduroam locations

eduroam support

Getting started with eduroam

To access eduroam from your laptop:

  • Select the eduroam network from your wireless network menu. The wireless SSID in all locations will be eduroam (with a lowercase 'e').
  • Enter your Solent email address and password ( for staff or for students).

Listed below are manual connection instructions for android and iOS devices:

  • eduroam android connection instructions
  • eduroam iOS connection instructions

Once the initial set-up has been completed you can travel to any location where eduroam is provided and use it for free on your personal laptop or mobile devices.

You won’t need to enter your information again at other locations.

Conditions of use

Use of eduroam should be consistent with:

In line with Solent’s ICT Usage Policy, ICT performs automated application/content filtering on all access to the internet from its networks. ICT uses third-party categorisation services to block applications and websites which match the following categories:

  • Anonymizer (used to hide your identity)
  • Botnets (used by malicious software)
  • Child abuse
  • Critical risk (can be used to bypass security)
  • P2P file sharing (peer-to-peer file sharing applications)
  • Phishing (web sites used to aid identity theft)
  • Spyware/malicious site (web sites used to host spyware or malicious software).

As with any automated categorisation process, some applications and websites may be incorrectly matched and blocked. Conversely, it is not guaranteed that all applications and web sites that match the criteria defined above will be blocked.

SolentNet wireless network

SolentNet uses the latest 802.11ac technology, enabling very high connection speeds and a high level of performance in all areas, including high-density areas where the number of simultaneous device connections is very high.

You can access SolentNet from anywhere on the City Campus (East Park Terrace, Sir James Matthews Building and Below Bar) and specific buildings at the Warsash campus. To log in, use your normal University network user name and password.

Solent Guest wireless network

The Solent Guest network is easy to connect to, meaning guests on campus will have a hassle-free experience of connecting their devices by simply registering and logging in.

Instructions on signing up to the guest wi-fi can be obtained by contacting the Conference Centre on 023 8201 5757 or email Any support queries should be directed to the vendor, CableCom, using the details on the sign-up page.

Reporting issues with wireless networks

Incidents must be submitted via the UNITY self-service website. An incident will then be generated and assigned to the appropriate team.

On the front page choose ‘I Have An Issue’ then choose ‘Service catalogue’, 'Network and Infrastructure', 'Wireless Network'. You will then be able to view FAQs and help pages and be able to submit an incident.


  • If using Android, please ensure that Phase 2 authentication is set to MSCHAP V2
  • If using eduroam network, your login name is your email address

Programs and firewalls known to affect wireless connection

  • AOL Connectivity Services
  • AOL Security Center
  • Avanquest FIX-IT Utilities 11 Professional
  • AVG Free Anti Virus (must allow path to Safeconnect in exceptions on Resident Firewall and then reinstall Safeconnect)
  • Avira Personal Anti-Virus Free (Contains firewall)
  • CA Security Center
  • Comcast Desktop Doctor
  • Config Free (normally on Toshiba computers)
  • Empowering Technology (ACER)
  • F-Prot (Antivirus)
  • HP Network Assistant
  • HP Wireless Assistant
  • HP Connection Manager (formerly the HP Wireless Assistant)
  • McAfee Security Center (not Mc Afee Anti-Virus Enterprise)
  • Norton Internet Security
  • Quick Set (normally on Dell computers)
  • Dell Quick Set
  • Samsung Easy Network Manager
  • Smart Wi Connection Manager
  • Think Vantage Access Connections (normally on Thinkpad computers)
  • Trend Micro Internet Security
  • VAI Os Smart Network (SONY computers)
  • Zone Alarm Control Center
  • Peer Block (P 2 P connection masking software).