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Attendance monitoring

The University expects you to attend all of your timetabled teaching sessions. We monitor your attendance, as we know that consistent attendance is closely linked to good academic performance, so it is in your best interests to attend each class if you want to be successful in your studies. 

We are also required to report student attendance to external bodies such as UK Visas and Immigration in respect of our overseas students. However, the most important reason we monitor attendance is because we are committed to supporting our students during their studies.

Poor attendance is often the first indicator that students are experiencing personal problems that are affecting their ability to study. Students are sometimes reluctant to let us know when they are struggling and may often tell us too late for us to be able to help them complete their studies successfully. 

The University uses an electronic monitoring system based on campus cards to help us monitor student attendance effectively. Each room has a small device located near the door that you need to swipe your campus card every time you enter a timetabled event.

During the year, you may receive emails from the system updating you on your attendance so you should check the attendance app regularly to ensure your attendance has been recorded accurately.

Getting started

Watch the videos below to help you get started using the system, if you have any questions please see the FAQs. For all other attendance queries please email or visit the Student Hub.

SEAtS - attendance application

Accessing your calendar

Understanding your calendar

Submitting an absence

Campus card

Swiping card correctly

Purchasing a new campus card from the e-shop

The University has a wide range of support services available and by monitoring attendance, we hope to be able to identify students who need support at an early stage. We can then discuss with them what sort of assistance might be the most appropriate and we can put this in place as soon as possible.

If your attendance is a cause of concern the University will contact you to discuss the lack of participation with your course. Ultimately, students who fail to improve their attendance, or meet with school staff to discuss their poor attendance may find that they are withdrawn from their course.

If you have any issues or concerns that are impacting on your ability to attend class, please contact the Student Hub. The hub will be able to advise you on a wide range of issues and will direct you onto additional services who may be able to put some additional support in place for you.


How does the University monitor my attendance?

Your attendance is monitored electronically. You are required to swipe your campus card on the attendance reader in the room you are timetabled to be in.

This records the date, time and location of your swipe and then matches it against your timetable. Any deviation from your timetable, for example swiping in a different room, will result in you being marked as absent.

What is the intervention process adopted by the University?

The University expects you to attend all timetabled sessions and to be punctual for every class. You can track your attendance by using the attendance app on the Portal. You may also receive emails to give you feedback on your recent attendance.

If your attendance has fallen below the level required, you will be expected to improve this immediately and you will receive a further email highlighting the progress you have made. Persistent poor attendance may require you to attend a participation interview with a member of staff.

Failure to maintain a consistent attendance level may result in withdrawal from your course. There is a range of support available to help you attend and succeed at Solent, if you have any concerns please contact your course team or visit the Student Hub.

I am experiencing issue with my course - what should I do?

In the first instance please speak to your course team. If they are unable to resolve your issues, speak to the Student Hub who will be able to assist you.

Who should I speak to if I am having personal issues?

Please speak to the Student Hub as there are a number of support teams that can assist you. These cover areas such as disabilities, study skills, health, wellbeing, and financial matters.

How do I submit an absence?

Students should notify their known absence in advance via the attendance application on the portal.

Notified absence may reasonably include dental and medical related appointments that cannot be scheduled outside of teaching hours. Non-essential absences will form part of the information used to assess the student's general attendance record.

Students should not take holidays during teaching periods and assessment periods.

For Warsash students, if you are going to be absent, you must email and notify your training manager. This must be done on a daily basis should the absence continue. Please also ensure that in addition, you register your absence on the attendance app on the portal.

In the event that you are going to be late for lessons or other events, please email

If a student logs an absence it will still mark them as being absent from the class and will affect their attendance percentage. However, any absences recorded will be taken into account when considering students with low attendance.

I have been away from the University - what should I do?

If you have been away from the University and you have missed learning, please speak to your course team and catch up via Solent Online Learning (SOL). If you have missed assessments, please speak to the Student Hub as soon as possible.

If you have been/will be absent from the University for a long period of time, please contact the Student Hub so they can advise you what you need to do next.

My class is cancelled - does this affect my attendance record?

If your lecturer has notified us that your class has been cancelled, this will be removed from your timetable and will appear as cancelled on the attendance app within 48 hours.

If we have not been notified, you will show as absent on the attendance app. If this happens, please contact your lecturer and ask them to cancel the event.

What happens when I'm on teaching activities away from the campus?

If your session is taking place away from campus, your tutor will have the ability to overwrite your attendance manually. You should keep your campus card with you for all teaching sessions whether on or off campus.

I have too few units showing on the attendance monitoring system - what should I do?

First, ensure you are fully registered on your modules for your course and then contact the Student Hub who will investigate your curriculum associated with your student record.

Please note, the modules not displayed on your timetable will not appear on attendance monitoring so this must be addressed as a priority. 

Will my low attendance performance impact on any decisions made by the assessment board?

No. Decisions regarding your academic performance will be based on the assessments submitted unless it is part of your course requirement to meet a set attendance target.

My employers/sponsors require proof of my attendance - who do I contact to get the information sent?

Please contact the Student Hub requesting the information you require. 

What happens if I forget my campus card?

Students who have forgotten their campus cards will be marked as absent. Please advise your lecturer at the time so that they can update your attendance accordingly. Only they have the ability to override your attendance.

What if the light turns red when I swipe my campus card?

There may be a problem with your card. You should take your campus card to the Student Hub as soon as possible so they can issue you with a new card. You will not be charged for a new card.

If lectures are back-to-back in the same room, do I need to swipe my card again?

Yes. The attendance monitoring system needs to record your attendance at every individual teaching event you are scheduled to attend, to ensure your presence is recorded correctly. 

I have found my old campus card - can I use it as a spare?

No. Your old card would have been deactivated and your timetabling sessions will not be associated and you will be marked as absent.

How long does my card last for?

This card will be valid for your entire expected period of study while at the University.

I have received an email from the system - do I need to do anything?

You may receive automatic emails from the system every two weeks giving you an update on your attendance. If you are required to do anything (for example attend a participation interview), this will be specified in the email.

If you have any questions on the email you have received please contact the Student Hub.