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Student Hub

Supporting you all the way through your time at university

There are lots of ways to get help. Whether you have a problem with your course, finances, personal life or mental health, Student Services are here to help. We will endeavour to answer your query and if we can’t, we will find the appropriate person or specialist team to do so. Please see below the teams that can support you through your time at Solent as a student. 

The Student Hub is the first point of contact for any queries relating to your course or any personal matters which may be affecting your studies at the University, and can help with the following:

  • Questions about your course
  • Wellbeing
  • Student funding questions
  • To whom it may concern letters,
  • Council tax exemption certificates
  • Bank letters
  • Replacement campus cards
  • References
  • Advice on regulations, processes and policy.

Request a letter online

Update your details

You can update your details on the Student Gateway - you'll need your University username and password to access the app.

Contact us

The Student Hub staff are available to answer your queries. If you need to get in touch with us you can do this by phone, email or in person (TS114). Details are listed below. Our opening hours are Monday to Thursday, 8.30am-5pm and Friday, 8.30am-4.30pm.

Contact details
Telephone: 023 8201 5200

Health and wellbeing support

We expect that your time at university will be successful and enjoyable, however, there may be times when you may need some extra support, or when things do not go quite to plan. 

Our friendly and experienced student advisers are on hand to talk to you in confidence about any issue that you may feel you need support with - you may be feeling homesick, have a relationship or family problem, or find that you have a personal or health issue which is impacting on your university experience.

No problem is too big or too small; we offer practical support, as well as access to self-help materials, and referrals to our specialist advice and support services.

You do not need to book an appointment, our advisers run daily drop-ins every day from the Student Hub – please just ask to speak with somebody in confidence. 

If you would prefer to book an appointment time, please email

Find out more on our wellbeing pages

Sexual violence and harassment

We want you to feel safe and supported throughout your studies at Solent University.  If you are a victim of sexual assault or harassment and want a safe way to talk to a member of staff who is trained to discuss your options, you can email One of our team will then respond to you within one working day to discuss the support that is available.

We also have a wide range of resources and information available here. This page includes details on consent, training materials, information on reporting and the support available.

If you are in immediate danger, please call 999.



Student funding team

The Student funding team aims to help students with all matters relating to their student funding ranging from:

  • Student funding entitlement, and application processes
  • Help with more complex funding matters eg, if you leave/change or suspend your course.
  • Assistance if your funding is delayed.
  • Liaising with Student Finance England.

The Student Funding team also administers the following non-repayable funds.

The funding team run daily drop-ins in the Student Hub (TS114) - if you would like to speak with an adviser, please book here.

Find out more on the funding pages

Learning support

Access Solent provides information, advice and guidance for disabled students throughout the student lifecycle. Support may include:

  • Information and advice to prospective and current disabled students and to staff who are supporting students
  • Advice with accessing Disabled Students Allowance and other financial support
  • Screening and assessment for some conditions
  • Support in setting up specialist provision and exam arrangements
  • Access to assistive technology and guidance with specialist software
  • Short term loans of equipment

Please tell us about any disability (dyslexia, dyspraxia, medical conditions, physical or sensory impairments, mental health conditions and autistic spectrum declarations eg, Asperger’s) even if you do not think it will affect your studies or experience with us.  In order to get your support in place, you will need appropriate medical evidence. For more information on the required proof please take a look at the eligibility criteria on

If you have any enquiries or would like to discuss your support, please get in touch:

Telephone: 023 8201 5200,
Visit: The Student Hub, TS114. 

Our advisers run daily drop-in sessions, and we also have appointments available which you can book in advance.

Find out more on our Access Solent pages

Admissions policy

The University is committed to equal opportunities and all offers are made based on an applicant’s academic profile. However, there may be occasions when reasonable adjustments cannot be made to meet an applicant’s learning requirements and an offer will need to be withdrawn.   

Therapy and mental health

We hope you enjoy your time at Solent University and would like you to know that the therapy and mental health team is available to help if you are experiencing difficulties during your time here. 

We offer a variety of support, including talking therapy (counselling and CBT), hypnotherapy and mental health advice.

For more information on these services visit the Student Hub (TS114) or email

Find out more on our Therapy and Mental Health pages

Advice for international students

The University has an international support team who can assist you with a wide variety of questions during your studies: from how many hours you can work in term-time, to police registration, to the requirements you will need to meet if you plan to switch into another category.

We are also experts at giving you realistic advice about extending your Student Visa and applying for other visa types, and can assist you with the process where appropriate. 

If you have any queries you can email

Find out more on our international student support pages.

Religion and spirituality

Read more about religion and spirituality at Solent on our website:

Spirituality and reflection

The location of the multi-faith space/prayer room is JM112.

Student achievement team

The student achievement team are here to help you succeed during your studies at Solent. We aim to contact you at key times during your time here with personalised information, advice, and guidance by email or phone.

You can expect emails from throughout your studies.

LGBTQ+ Student Support

Within the Student Hub there is dedicated support for students within the LGBTQ+ community, providing a safe space for students to be supported where their gender identity/sexuality can be expressed authentically.  Named contacts within the team will be available for general support, advice and guidance. 

The named contact will be a Student Advice Team Leader or Student Adviser; these individuals form a group that have dedicated knowledge in supporting Solent's LGBTQ+ students and will have specific knowledge and understanding of the barriers this community could face.

Please remember that any Solent staff member can provide non-judgemental support in a safe space, however we’ve created this dedicated group of individuals with more specialised knowledge should students feel they want to talk to someone more dedicated knowledge and understanding.

More information can be found via The Student Hub – ask about our LGBTQ+ Student Support.

Other sources of internal support:

  • Therapy and Mental Health Service 
  • SU Head of Student Wellbeing 
  • SU Trans+ Students’ Officer 
  • SU LGBT+ Students’ Officer 
  • LGBT+ Society 

Student services feedback

Let us know what you think of our service by emailing

Can't find the information you're looking for?

The Student Hub team have put together a list of FAQs which may help you find the information you're looking for.

Remember, if you're unsure about anything, you can send us an email to 

FAQs about my studies

What are the University term dates?

You can access the University term dates here.

I need a letter confirming my studies, where can I get one?

The following letters can be requested through the Student Hub:

  • to whom it may concern letters (ie, confirmation of enrolment)
  • council tax exemption certificates
  • references

Request a letter using the online form on the following portal page or email your request to from your University email account.

How can I get a transcript of my results?

You can get a transcript of your results from the Student Registry team by emailing your request to

Please note they can only provide results that have been confirmed by the exam board.

How do I order a replacement campus card?

If you have lost your campus card you can request a new one by visiting the online shop, new cards cost £5 and the Student Hub will print and email confirmation of your new card within 2 working days. The replacement card will then be available for collection from the Student Hub.

What is Solent Online Learning and how do I access it?

Solent Online Learning (SOL) is an online learning platform where you will find your course information, module descriptors and links for assessment submissions. Please visit

I need to change my address - how do I do this?

You can change your address on the Student Gateway. You'll need you University username and password to log in to the app.

I need to change my name - how do I do this?

You can change your name by sending official documentation confirming the name change to

Can I transfer courses?

To change courses, you will need to find out whether there are places available on the course you want to transfer to, transferring can also affect your fees, so we always recommend getting in touch with a student funding adviser. Transfers are subject of approval of the course team and the Student Registry Team and are only accepted within the first two weeks of teaching.

To request a transfer form please contact the Student Hub

Can I change my option/seminar group?

If you are thinking about transferring between options or seminar groups, you should obtain the relevant form by emailing and speak to your course leader.

You can only request a change to a seminar group and/or option within the first two weeks of the module. If you have a significant reason for needing to request such a change, such as childcare requirements, please talk to your course leader.

How do I apply for extenuating circumstances (EC)?

Please visit the extenuating circumstances page for the form and guidance documents. If you would like to speak to a student adviser about EC, please call 023 8201 5200 or email

How do I withdraw from University?

If you are considering withdrawing from your studies, you should discuss this with your course leader or contact the Student Hub.

If, after discussing the matter, you decide to withdraw from your course, you must obtain the relevant form from the Student Hub and notify us immediately in writing. If you are staying in one of the University’s student residences, please also inform student accommodation staff in writing.

If you are a sponsored student, including Warsash Maritime School officer cadets, you must discuss this decision with the relevant person in your sponsoring organisation, such as the training manager, as this may affect your employment status.

We also recommend speaking to a student funding adviser to discuss and financial implications.

Can I suspend my studies?

If for any reason you are unable to continue studying, you can consider suspending your studies and return in the next academic year. You should discuss this with your course leader or contact the Student Hub.

If, after discussing the matter, you decide to suspend your course, you must obtain the relevant form from the Student Hub and notify us immediately in writing. If you are staying in one of the University’s student residences, please also inform student accommodation staff in writing.

If you are a sponsored student, including Warsash Maritime School officer cadets, you must discuss this decision with the relevant person in your sponsoring organisation, such as the training manager, as this may affect your employment status.

We also recommend speaking to a student funding adviser to discuss any financial implications.

Can I get advice on my current academic position?

For advice on your academic position, you can contact the Student Hub team at

Do I have to register every year for my course?

Yes, registration opens in August for the next academic year - you will receive an email from Student Registry when you are able to do so and should register using the Registration app on the Portal.

I am unable to complete my assessment on time, can I request an extension?

If you are unable to submit your assessment on time due to extenuating circumstances that you can evidence, you can request a 7 calendar days extension by submitting extenuating circumstances. You can find the form here 

If you need any further help with this please get in contact with the Student Hub.

I am unable to submit my assessment, what can I do?

If you are unable to submit your assessment due to extenuating circumstances that you can evidence, you can request to defer your assessment to the next available opportunity by submitting extenuating circumstances. You can find the form here

If you need any further help with this please get in contact with the Student Hub.

What is the MySolent app?

Our MySolent mobile app provides you with quick access to key university services. It can help you to manage your university tasks and support you to gain confidence navigating the campus and settling into university life.

My attendance is wrong on the app, how do I get this changed?

If you have attended a class and it is showing as absent, in the first instance please contact your lecturer, they will be able to amend this for you. If the problem persists, please contact the Student Hub who can check your campus card.

How do I view my timetable?

Your individual timetable may not be released until nearer your return or start date.  You should be able to view your course level timetable once you register after 24 hours.  Please follow the instructions on the timetabling page.

I have an issue with my timetable

Please visit the timetabling page to find out the best way of resolving your query or contact

I need to speak to my lecturer. How can I contact them?

You can access all staff contact details by using the Phone Book app on the Portal.  Course teams contact details can also be found on SOL course pages.  If you are having difficulty contacting staff please speak to the Student Hub.

My campus card isn’t working properly. What should I do?

First of all, try updating your card on one of the wall mounted SALTO readers found around the university. If this does not resolve the issue please come to the Student Hub.

FAQs about Solent's support services

Where can I access support if I have dyslexia or a disability?

Solent University's disability support service for students is provided by Access Solent.


For more information, please visit our Access Solent section

I am struggling with my mental health and wellbeing; what support is available to me?

The University has a therapy and mental health team to help you with any difficulties during your time at university. They offer a variety of support, including Talking Therapy (SST, counselling and CBT), hypnotherapy and mental health advice. If you would like to book an appointment or for more information please visit our mental health support pages.

Where can I find help as an international student?

We have an international advice service, that are here to support you throughout your student experience and help you to get the most out of your student life from arrival to graduation.

Tel: 023 8201 3821

For more information, please visit our international student support pages.

What spirituality or faith services do you have at Solent?

The spirituality and reflection service provides support to students in and inclusive and non-judgemental environment regardless of which, if any faith you hold.

For more information, please visit our spirituality and reflection pages

Where can I go to get careers advice?

Solent Futures offers support and guidance for students to help you achieve your chosen career. Contact the team for advice on graduate jobs, finding work while studying, placements, business start-ups and CV checks.

Tel: 023 8201 3807


For more information, please visit our Solent Futures section

Who can I speak to about a personal matter that is impacting on my studies?

Our student advisers are available to speak with you about any personal issues you may experience during your time at university. We can provide you with practical advice, self-help resources, and help you to understand your options. Contact us on 023 8201 5200 or by email at

How can I request counselling?

Our therapy and mental health team offer a variety of emotional support options – you can complete a self-referral form online here

Is the prayer room still accessible?

Yes the multi-faith space/prayer room is located in JM112.

Crime prevention

Solent University has worked with Hampshire Constabulary to offer students prevention tips, reporting options and support services.  Follow this link to get information and prevention advice on types of crime as well as well as where to find support

FAQs about accommodation and campus

Does the University have sports facilities?

Yes, we have a sports complex, to find out more please visit

Is there car parking available on campus for students?

There is no student parking on campus during core hours. The car parks at our East Park Terrace campus operate a pay-to-park scheme available from 2pm to midnight, Monday to Friday, and all day at weekends. All vehicles must be off campus by 8.30am on weekdays.

If you are a Blue Badge holder, please email to reserve a parking space on the main campus.

Permit parking is available to students at Solent student residences. More information is available on the individual residences pages here.

There are also many parking alternatives in Southampton.

How do I book a room?

General bookings should be booked seven days in advance where possible. Students should email their room booking requests with a detailed explanation as to the activity taking place in the room, along with a signed copy of the terms and conditions form to

For more information and to find the T&Cs form, please visit the room bookings page.

I need help with my private accommodation, who do I speak to about this?

For help with private accommodation please visit our accommodation section.

FAQs about funding and finances

Do I have to apply to Student Finance every academic year?

Yes, you do - you will need to apply directly to Student Finance.

I am having problems paying my fees, who can I speak to?

If you pay your own fees and are having problems paying, please get in contact with the Income Team

I'd like to apply for a grant, what should I do?

The student funding team has a number of non-repayable grants to help you fund your studies and support you during your time at Solent.


For more information visit our grants bursaries and scholarships page

I haven’t had my maintenance loan instalment yet, what can I do?

There could be a number of reasons for this. Initially please contact Student Finance England on 0300 100 0607 to find out the reason.

Where can I find out more information about bursaries?

Full information on all bursaries can be found on our grants, scholarships and bursaries page

How do I input my bank details?

You can input your bank details here - following the onscreen instructions.

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