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2021/22 course timetables

Contents insurance

Core possessions insurance has been provided through Endsleigh for every student who is living at the student residences for the 2021/22 academic year.

The insurance covers a range of belongings within your room, including laptops, sports and electrical equipment, clothes and frozen food. This has been arranged by the University and is at no additional cost to students.  

It is important for you to check this cover, as valuable items such as laptops, phones and other gadgets may not be protected in all instances under this policy. Please follow the steps below to check your cover and make sure it is sufficient for your needs. You may extend your cover to protect all of your possessions both inside and outside of your room.

Enter your policy number HH1179 at on the Endsleigh website to check your policy details.


You have the option to customise and extend your policy to suit your individual needs and avoid being under-insured. For example, you may want to insure your other possessions such as your mobile phone, pushbike, or laptop for use outside of your room.  

All claims will be handled directly by Endsleigh