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Finding a suitable, safe and comfortable place to live is a priority for all students. At Solent University, we can offer you this and much more.

Our dedicated accommodation and residences teams are here to support you all year round and help to ensure that Southampton is a fun, exciting place to live and study. We also have dedicated staff to provide advice and assistance in finding accommodation in the private sector.

The student residences fully comply with the standard for student accommodation, the Universities UK/Guild HE Code of Practice for the Management of Student Housing.

The Student Accommodation Code logo in blue

When allocating students into rooms and flats we aim to create mixed and integrated communities.

There are many benefits to living in such an environment, not least the opportunity to meet and live with students of different cultures and backgrounds.

It is important to realise that at times living with many different people can naturally be vibrant and lively. We ask all of our students to live harmoniously and show consideration and respect towards their fellow residents, staff, the local community and to the residence itself. 

Quieter areas have been set aside in most residences and a provision of rooms for LGBTQ+ students in one of our residences.

The Residence Team is available 24 hours a day to offer help and assistance. 

You can find more information on each student residence page:

David Moxon

Settling in

If you are finding it tough to settle into the residences or make friends, speak to a member of the Residence Team who may know others with similar interests in your area and help make a connection. You can also speak to one of your tutors, the University spirituality and reflection service, a student adviser or a counsellor.

The Student Hub should be your first stop for any questions you have, if the Residences Team are unable to assist you. There’s a full range of student services to help support your general wellbeing, so if you have any concern at all with, for example, student funding queries, academic support queries or for any welfare needs please contact them at or by calling them on 023 8201 5200.

By all means, keep in contact with the people at home; arrange a home visit, perhaps after a few weeks. But also give yourself time within the University to begin to get involved here.

Also, encourage friends and family to come and see you in your new setting.

Be realistic about what to expect from student life and from yourself

Establish a balance between work and leisure: You are NOT expected to work ALL the time. However, if you don't put in enough time on work, you can get behind, which will be stressful.

Your tutors in your school are available to discuss any issues with studying, or if there are outside factors likely to affect your work. Don't bottle it up - if your tutor knows about any problems, they can help.

Meet people through shared activities such as joining a sports club or other interests

There are so many clubs and societies within the University and around the city, that you are very likely to find something that suits your particular interests.

At the start of the academic year many new people will be joining so you are unlikely to be the only new person. 

Give yourself time to adjust

You don't have to get everything right straight away. Nor do you have to rush into making major decisions about staying or leaving.

You also don't need to find a very close friend in those first days. It takes a while to build up solid friendships and there can sometimes be a feeling that everyone has clicked and you have not. Give yourself some time to adjust. 

Above all, remember there are dedicated staff to help you through this time

Contact the Student Hub by email at or call them on 023 8201 5200.

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    Accommodation Team

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    Monday to Thursday: 8:30am - 5pm
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