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Deanery student residence

Information about living in Deanery

Here you'll find the information you'll need while living in Deanery. If you have any urgent issues, or need any help or advice, please contact a member of the Residence Team on 07778 345113 or visit the residence hub at Kimber.

Office number: 023 8033 5347
Mobile number: 07778 345113

Make sure you join the residences Facebook group to keep up-to-date with what's going on.

Address and post

Your address is:

D + Block Number + Room Number
Kimber Residence Hub
St Mary's Place
SO14 1XA

Students will be issued with an individual letterbox key and can collect their mail at any time from their designated letterbox.

Large parcels will be received at the Residence Hub and students will receive an email notifying them of a parcel to collect from the parcel locker in their residence.

Please ensure you have your name and correct postal address on all mail to assist the residence team to sort the mail correctly. Any post queries should be emailed to the residence team on, clearly stating your name, block and room.

Replacement letterbox keys are charged at £10, paid via the online shop.

Residence Hub

The residence hub is available to all resident students 24/7 and is located in the David Moxon residence.  

If you require assistance from the Residence Team you can call 07778 345113 or email, but if you would like to speak to a member of the team drop by the Residence Hub.

We offer a range of services, including: 

  • Postal queries 
  • Bike hire 
  • Board games to hire
  • Social space hire 
  • Visitor car parking (when space allows) 
  • Signposting to other University or local services 
  • Or just a friendly face if you want someone to talk to.

Internet access

All internet and network services within the Solent student residences are supplied by and supported by Glide.

If you're experiencing problems getting online, please contact the Glide service desk - they're open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Tel: 0333 123 0115
Twitter: @GlideStuHelp

If you're ready to register and start using the residences network, you'll find the information in the document below.

Get online with Glide

Security access and electronic fobs

Within the student residences, the security of personal belongings is most important.

Residents are asked to secure doors to their own rooms, flats, kitchens and houses whilst they are not present in the room.

Students should ensure that their own personal belongings are not left in corridors, or communal areas and that study bedrooms are locked, even when the rooms are unoccupied for only a short period.

Special care should be taken to lock the windows on ground floor rooms. Any non-resident acting suspiciously should be reported to a member of the residence team immediately.

The residences have electronic fob activated entrance systems to block, flat, kitchen and study-bedroom doors. It is essential to the security of the building that these fobs are not passed on to non-resident friends or acquaintances. 

In order to ensure the continued security of study-bedrooms, the loss or misplacement of fobs will result in the changing of appropriate electronic access. The reasonable costs of replacement fobs and associated fitting will be charged to the resident concerned.

Residents will be provided with a fob on arrival at their allocated accommodation. It is the responsibility of the student to look after the fob while in their possession. It is important to report lost fobs to a member of the residence team as soon as is practicably possible. 


The Residence Hub is located in David Moxon residence and is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by the Residence Team and the overnight team. The overnight team operate across all residences and ensure student safety and wellbeing, responding to student enquiries throughout the night.

Residence access control

All student residences have an access system (Salto) installed to control access to all areas, including buildings and car parks. To gain access, residents should hold their personal fob to the Salto reader at each appropriate door.

If you experience any issues with access, please visit the ResHub in the David Moxon residence where your access fob will be checked and updated, if necessary.


Occasional guests are welcome within the residences but you must be aware of certain conditions within the terms of residency.

Terms of residency

Residents must always remain with their guests whilst on residential premises and ensure that guests conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.

Residents should be fully aware that they always remain responsible for the actions and behaviour of their guests, including any damage, nuisance or disruption caused.

Visitors or guests may be required to leave the premises at any time by residence staff and security personnel at their reasonable discretion, where those visitors or guests are conducting themselves in an improper manner or causing disruption/disturbance to other residents.

Guests are not allowed to remain overnight on the residential premises.  

Social/study space hire

If you wish to use the social spaces for a private event, please see a member of the Residence Team or complete the online booking form. After you have submitted it, please wait for confirmation that your booking has been approved. Please remember other students will still need access to parcel lockers and laundry rooms via the social spaces.

Fire alarms

The fire alarm is tested every Friday at 3pm. If the fire alarm does go off, follow the evacuation point is the car park by the refuse area.


Car parking is available, subject to availability, to all residents of Deanery student residence. Please contact the Accommodation Team or the ResHub for more details.

The car parking fee for 2024/25 is £17.50 per week. Contracts start from 16 September 2024 to 3 July 2025. Payment for parking is made in full in advance.

    Opening times

    Accommodation Team
    Tel: 023 8201 5040  Ext. 5040

    Monday to Thursday: 8.30am - 5pm
    Friday: 8.30am - 4.30pm