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Registering with the police

The requirement is to register with your local Nationalities Office. Guidance on this page is correct for students living in Hampshire. If your address is outside of Hampshire should follow the registration process for your area .

Winchester Nationality office is very busy and registering within 7 days of arrival is rarely possible. Home Office is aware of the situation and students will not be penalised for late registration/reporting in the prescribed time limits. Once you collect your BRP card you should register online on the Police website. If there are no appointments available to complete the in person process don’t worry, just log back another time.

Registering with the police

If you come from one of the following countries and your Student Visa immigration permission is for more than six months then the requirement to register with the police should be endorsed on your one-month entry vignette (visa) and on your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP).


  • Afghanistan,
  • Algeria,
  • Argentina,
  • Armenia,
  • Azerbaijan,
  • Bahrain,
  • Belarus,
  • Bolivia,
  • Brazil,
  • China,
  • Colombia,
  • Cuba,
  • Egypt,
  • Georgia,
  • Hong Kong (SAR),
  • Iran,
  • Iraq,
  • Israel,
  • Jordan,
  • Kazakhstan,
  • Kyrgyzstan,
  • Kuwait,
  • Lebanon,
  • Libya,
  • Moldova,
  • Morocco,
  • North Korea,
  • Oman,
  • Palestine,
  • Peru,
  • Qatar,
  • Russia,
  • Saudi Arabia,
  • Sudan,
  • Syria,
  • Tajikistan,
  • Tunisia,
  • Turkey,
  • Turkmenistan,
  • United Arab Emirates,
  • Ukraine,
  • Uzbekistan,
  • Yemen.

Below you will find more information about registering with the police.

How to register

For your registration, it is important that you select the Hampshire Registration – Winchester Nationalities Office – Tower Street, Winchester SO23 8ZD, as the venue from the drop-down list. This is the only centre in Hampshire you can register with the Police.

Any updates to your certificate can be made online and in local police offices.

Getting to the police station in Winchester

The Nationalities Office in Winchester is located at:

Hampshire Constabulary,
Tower Street,
Hampshire, SO23 8ZD.

Winchester is approximately 12 miles from Southampton and is easily accessible by car (road), train and bus.

If you are travelling by public transport (bus or train) then you will need to take a train or a bus (Bluestar number 1) to Winchester. When you get on to the bus you should ask for a ticket to Winchester City Centre.

Appointments are usually available Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm. 

There is a number of offices available, please check your appointment room number on your booking confirmation email prior to arrival.

Read more and view the location of the Nationalities Office

Please note that (exceptionally) students may live in another county (geographical district) and commute to the University. If you are required to register with the Police but do not live in Hampshire, you will need to register with the Nationalities Office responsible for the county where you live.

Please seek advice from the international advice service in Student Hub if you are not sure where this is.

What to take with you

It is very important that you provide the police with the correct documents. If you do not then they may not be able to register you:

  • Passport and BRP.
  • Proof of Solent University student status: You can request a letter from Student Hub by using the 'request a letter' app on the portal.
  • Proof of address: If the term-time address shown on your student status letter is incorrect you can update it yourself on the 'edit my details' app on the portal.
  • Credit or debit card to pay the £34 registration fee (American Express card is not accepted).

Reporting changes

Once you have registered it is your responsibility to report to the Police any of the following changes of circumstances:

  • Change of address.
  • Change of university.
  • Change of marital status or birth of children.
  • Extensions to your Student Visa immigration permission or change of immigration status.
  • Change of passport.
  • A temporary absence of eight weeks or more from your registered address.

Changes of circumstances should be reported to your local police station within 7 days

If you need to update your police registration certificate with any of the changes you must visit Southampton police station to do so.

Southampton Central Police Station
Southern Road
SO15 1AN

You do not need an appointment to update to your police registration certificate. But you will need to present a proof of a change i.e. new visa or tenancy agreement (for change of address).

Leaving the UK do I need to inform Nationalities Office?

If you are leaving the UK for more than 2 months or you are leaving permanently, you must report this to the Police. You can do it in person at any police station or you can simply email with the following information:

  • Your full name,
  • Police Registration Certificate number,
  • The date you are leaving and approximate date of return, or confirmation when you are leaving the UK permanently.

More information

Your Police Registration Certificate must be kept up to date. It is a criminal offence if you do not register your new details with the Police; this could result in a £5,000 fine and/or imprisonment. If you need to extend your Student Visa while in the UK then you will be required to send your Police Registration Certificate and your passport to UKVI/the Home Office. If the Certificate has not been updated, then your Student Visa application may be rejected. If you are in any doubt about whether you need to register, and what you need to do, you should contact the international advice service.