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In-sessional English language support

Help with aspects of academic English language and skills available to all students.

Here at Solent University, we offer a number of ways to support all students with the challenges of using English for Academic Purposes (EAP), especially if you are an international student.

All courses are run by specialist EAP teachers, all with extensive experience in teaching English to international students around the world and in UK universities.

The team delivers workshops on a range of academic skills including:

  • Planning and organising essays.
  • Writing introductions and conclusions.
  • Various kinds of linking used in academic writing.
  • Academic style.
  • Common grammar structures in academic writing, such as the passive voice and relative clauses.
  • Proof-reading for common errors.
  • Note-taking while listening to lectures.
  • Reading techniques to manage your research.
  • Using sources and referencing.
  • Participating in seminar discussions.
  • Organising an academic presentation.
  • Understanding the sections of a dissertation.

The content of each class will depend on your needs, but the areas listed above are some common topics which may be covered. We welcome suggestions from students of any particular language skills they would like to further develop, and the workshops can be tailored to the group. There is no formal assessment for any of these workshops, and you are encouraged to participate actively in the sessions.

Who can attend these workshops?

Our workshops are open to all students and they are free of charge.

When are the workshops?

The workshops run over 12 weeks from week commencing Monday 31 January to week commencing Monday 2 May 2022 - classes will be held on the same day and time each week:

Wednesdays (in person)Fridays (online via Teams)
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Contact us

If you have any questions about the in-sessional English language support programme, please contact Matthew Brittain:

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Visit the English language support page on SOL