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Loans and funding

The student funding team offers a range of loans and funding to help support you through your studies. 

If you would like to contact an adviser, please email, or you can arrange an appointment here. Alternatively, you can see a funding adviser in the Student Hub 10am-4pm Monday to Thursday, or 10am-1pm Friday.

We also have some funding factsheets to help:

Undergraduate funding factsheet

Postgraduate funding factsheet

Student funding FAQs

Short-term emergency loans

Sometimes at the start of a new academic year, students may face a short-term emergency where they require a small loan to tide them over until their funds come through.   

An emergency loan is repayable and interest-free. It may be given to assist with basic living costs, before you receive your maintenance loan or if you are experiencing a genuine unforeseen emergency, ie, delay of student funding.

Once you have received your maintenance loan we would recommend you apply to the support grant if you are in financial difficulty.    

For full eligibility criteria please refer to the leaflet on emergency short-term loans.

How do I apply?

To apply for a short term loan, you must:

IMPORTANT - Failure to repay the loan can result in

  • The debt being passed to a debt collection agency and
  • £50 late payment fee added to your student account and
  • no further loans are given from the university and
  • you will not be able to attend your graduation ceremony.

US federal loans

Solent University is certified by the US Department of Education to provide US students coming to the UK to study with both Federal Direct Loans and private student loans via Sallie Mae.

For full information on these loans please see the US Federal Loans page on the external website.

Student funding team leaflets

The student funding team have written various leaflets ranging from student funding, state benefits, suspending studies, to extra grants and bursaries for students. They have also provided leaflets written by Student Finance England.

Please use the links below to access the leaflets. You are welcome to print them out.

Information to check you have the correct funding

Postgraduate master's funding

Postgraduate doctoral funding 

Undergraduate part-time and full-time funding

Claiming independent student status

Students and estrangement

EU student funding and migrant workers

Funding for a placement year or Erasmus 

Extra funds available from Solent

Solent's grants, bursaries, and scholarships   

Emergency short-term loans

Funding for care leavers, foyer federation and supported accommodation students

Benefit leaflets

State benefits and students

PIP (personal independence payment)

If things change in your circumstances

How to make changes to your Student Finance application

The funding implications of suspending, leaving, changing or repeating your course

How to apply for compelling personal reasons and discretionary payments

Other relevant topics

Life after university

Repaying your student loans

Repaying your postgraduate loan

Postgraduate students - taking a break from studies