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Mental health adviser support

The mental health advisers co-ordinate support for students with mental health difficulties to ensure that students get the best support to meet their needs both within the University and from services outside the University.

Not all students who have mental health needs will need to see the mental health adviser. If you are able to manage your own mental health needs or you have a plan of support meeting your needs there is unlikely to be a role for them, but they are happy to meet and talk this through if you are unsure.

The mental health adviser agrees a clear plan with each student they see and the plan is individual:

  • For some students, this could be a one-off session of signposting to appropriate services.
  • For other students contact may be more prolonged, especially if arranging the support needed involves delay and it would be useful to continue support in the interim to help achieve goals, especially continuing with studies. 

Referral to the mental health advisers can be made at any point during your time at the University. This could be:

  • prior to starting at Solent, to ensure all support services are in place, and would especially apply to students who have an existing diagnosed need and/or care plan that needs to be transferred to Southampton. 
  • while studying at Solent, for students who develop difficulties or whose difficulties worsen. 

The mental health advisers can also see students who wish to talk through getting support to access services for help with alcohol/ substance misuse and domestic or sexual violence.  

Confidentiality is really important to us

We understand how difficult it can be to come and talk with someone, and we take confidentiality very seriously. Please see the Confidentiality and Data Protection section for more information.

To request an appointment with a mental health adviser please complete the online self-referral form and write on your form that you would like to speak with a mental health adviser.

If you feel unable to complete the form for any reason please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance at

    Opening times

    Monday - Thursday
    8.30am - 5pm
    8.30am - 4.30pm